“… things changed after today’s workshop! Everything that we talked about seemed to fall into place. The left hand which is pretty much triplets with big jumps in the bass had been a torture for me (I felt like shooting darts before); but all the sudden it became so easy! And even better they started to sound really beautiful! I started to be able to enjoy the exquisite harmonies and airiness in the piece. It was such beautiful music, and such joy to be able to play it! And I wasn’t even a bit tired after four hours of practice!

“Knowledgeable. Practical results with immediate application.”

“This technique makes sense. Very simple solutions to common problems.”

What was your favorite part of the workshop?

“Hearing the amazing changes in people’s sound after just a few minutes.”

“I enjoyed listening to the 2nd performance of each person. What a change with very little ‘work’.”

“Hearing the sound open up for others and for me.”

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