Musician Wellness Coaching is based on principles of the Alexander Technique, a practice taught at leading conservatories and performing arts universities and my many years of experience as a concert pianist.

Improve: Posture * Breathing * Focus * Quality of movement

Prevent: Chronic pain * Repetitive strain injury * Performance anxiety

Here is an in-depth interview that explains a lot about the Alexander Technique:


There are many studies showing that the Alexander Technique provides significant benefits for chronic pain issues. A Recent British Medical Journal Study shows Alexander Technique lessons reduce chronic back pain

Neurologist Explains the Benefits of Alexander Technique in Patient Care


The Real Story Behind The Mind/Body Connection: The Alexander Technique

Michael Gelb

Dr Weill recommends the Alexander Technique

Dr Weill.png

Harvard Medical School: The Alexander Technique can help you (literally) unwind

AT teacher student

Harvard Medical School: Acupuncture and Alexander Technique help relieve chronic neck pain

Tommy and Seong-Eun

Gravity is your Friend!


Posture is Not a Position

Toddler Standing

52 Reasons to Try the Alexander Technique!

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