The Alexander Technique (AT) is a holistic practice well known in performing arts communities for over 100 years and everyone can benefit. People who study AT note overall improvements in breathing, posture, chronic pain relief and overall quality of life.

In 2002, Michael had the good fortune to begin studies in the Alexander Technique with Debi Adams at the Boston Conservatory. The Alexander Technique transformed his piano playing (and life) and he received his Alexander Technique teaching certification through Tommy Thompson’s program in 2009. 

Michael returned to Buffalo in 2015 and is music director at the Unity Church of Buffalo. He completed a Master of Music performance degree at the University of Buffalo in June 2019 and is a staff accompanist and co-teaches a performance class at UB. He has offered Alexander Technique workshops and group classes to musicians at UB, Buffalo State and Fredonia State colleges.

I have been working with Michael for a few weeks now and I am so GREAT~FULL 🙂  He is patient, kind and gentle as he continues to explain and teach me new ways to help with my chronic back pain. -Anna Marie, Life coach and marketing consultant

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